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"Know where your wood comes from"

 Member Spotlight

Mammoth Mill Co.

Eagle Nest, NM

Mammoth Mill Co. is a family-owned and operated mill with decades of experience providing customers with the highest quality log products. 


Wood utilized by the mill is primarily dry, stable, standing dead Englemann Spruce trees harvested from verified forest restoration treatments. The mill and a gift shop are located in Eagle Nest, NM and a log home showroom is located in Angel Fire, NM. 

Wood products sold at Mammoth Mill Co.

  • Log home kits

  • Timber beams

  • Lumber

  • Custom made furniture

  • Household items

Mt. Taylor Manufacturing

Milan, NM

Founded in 1965 - Mt. Taylor is run by brothers Matt and Hardy Allen.


Mt. Taylor Manufacturing in Milan New Mexico is the first inaugural member of the Source Verified Good Wood program!  


Wood utilized by the mill has been from forest restoration treatments on the Zuni Mountains Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration (CFLR) project and private land. 

Wood products sold at Mt. Taylor Manufacturing

  • Lumber

  • Wood chips, Timber Tots

  • Wood pellets, Calientitos

  • Landscape mulch

  • Screened animal bedding

  • Poof N Scoop

  • Firewood

Olguin's Inc. Sawmill & Firewood

Taos, NM

Della and Dan have continued Luciano Olguin’s legacy for producing custom-milled products.


Wood comes from forest health restoration treatments mainly on the Carson National Forest.

Wood products sold at Olguin's Inc: 

  • Lumber and beams

  • Vigas, corbels, carved posts

  • Wood shavings, sawdust, chips

  • Firewood

Silver Dollar Wood Products LLC

Maxwell, NM

Family owned and operated since 1993. Trent Deines of Silver Dollar Wood Products sells premium horse and other animal bedding. Wood comes from GoodWood verified forest restoration projects his family complete on land managed by the New Mexico State Land Office. A small portion of wood comes from the Vermejo Park Ranch in northern New Mexico. 

Wood products produced and sold at Silver Dollar Wood Products LLC are:

High quality screened pine and aspen wood shavings for livestock and animal bedding.

Timberline Trading LLC