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Creating healthier, more resilient forests through verification of sustainably harvested and managed products

Why Verified

We are so fortunate to live in the Southwest: the beautiful landscapes of high deserts, grasslands, woodlands, forests, mountains, and incredible blue skies... But accelerating changes are taking place with warming temperatures, more extreme weather events, and larger, more damaging wildfires. Our forests and watersheds need our help!   


The Source Verified Good Wood® forest source verification program helps you do your part. Working with neighboring National Forests and local companies, GoodWood® identifies sustainably harvested and managed wood products. We capture material from wildfire risk reduction efforts and forest restoration management to brand responsibly, locally sourced products.


The new Source Verified Good Wood® brand and its chain-of-custody program support the future well-being of our forests and economy. Be part of the solution by purchasing GoodWood® branded products, or by becoming a member of the program.  


We track the wood from the source to the consumer ensuring a high level of ecological practices.  

Buy Verified

Reduce high intensity wildfires, increase plant and wildlife biodiversity and support the local economy. 


Add value to your wood products. We will help you through the process. 

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