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Verification Process

Our verification process begins with an evaluation of written forest management practices on restoration projects governed by the National Environmental protection Act (NEPA decision documents required) for projects on federal and tribal lands. For private land ownerships other documentation is required. 

Wood Sourcing Documentation and Assessment

  1. Step one is documenting the location of the forest project and evaluating that it meets the GoodWood® program requirements. 

    • We note the type of land ownership, who the forest workers are, the objectives of the treatment, and other factors affecting the sustainability of the project. 

    • Our Forest Verification Standard guides our evaluation of each project.

Chain of Custody Assessment and Audits

  1. Step two is tracking the wood after it has left the forest project site, through each individual business in the product value-adding chain:  

    • At each wood business, we assess, design, set-up, and train staff to implement procedures to ensure the company is meeting our chain-of-custody requirements, such as to keep wood segregated according to its forest of origin and maintaining tracking documentation. Compliance is then audited at least annually. 


Because we follow this rigorous protocol, you always know where your GoodWood® comes from, and that the forest was managed to improve forest health, restore habitats, reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire, protect historic and cultural resources, and more.

For a custom quotation on these Verification Services, please contact us.

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