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This page provides resources we have developed through our project funded by the U.S. Forest Service Collaborative Forest Restoration Program. These documents help meet various objectives of our project proposal. In addition, other forest management information is provided for educational purposes. 

Buy Local Initiatives to Support Forests & Forest Products and Services 

This report was prepared by Dovetail Partners, Inc. for the Source Verified Good Wood program to look at other Buy Local programs throughout the United States. 

Source Verified Good Wood (SVGW) is now qualified for points in the Build Green New Mexico certification program. Up to 4 points points can be awarded when SVGW products are utilized in a) landscape areas such as mulch and fencing products, and b) residential buildings (inside or outside) such as vigas, beams, posts, latillas, and etc. used for structural or design purposes. From the BGNM website download the BGNM Certified Tool and look under Practice #4.4.6.

Viga Span Chart now in the NM Residential Building Code

GoodWood Quarter Round Newsletters

Check back soon as more resources are being added.

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